Best Nissan 350z Coilovers

Best Nissan 350z Coilovers

When it comes time to modify your Nissan 350z, suspension is often the first place you’ll start. From the factory, your 350z’s suspension was impressive.

Thankfully though, for those of us left wanting something more, there’s a huge amount of aftermarket options.

The coilovers vs lowering springs debate will live on forever, but for serious drivers it’s a simple choice; quality coilovers will almost always provide the best results, with:

  • great handling,
  • comfortable ride,
  • maximum adjustability.

In this article we’ll review the best 350z coilovers for street use along with the best value coilovers.

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Nissan 350z Modification Guide

Nissan 350z Modifications Guide

The iconic Nissan 350z (Z33) came from the factory with the perfect formula; rear wheel drive, front engined and a generous sized engine. Rare for anything built in the last few decades!

But let’s be honest, as performance car owners we are never satisfied.

It didn’t take long for aftermarket parts to become available for the Nissan 350z, and today these mods are plentiful.

In this guide we’ll review the best 350z mods for you to consider, broken down by the handling, performance and exterior mods.

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    1. Mike_myke on instagram has a centrifugal charger on his and he’s modified it to around 500hp ish, along with a 500hp 300zx with a sr20 and a 900+hp sc300

  1. Ive got the akebono brakes steel braded lines full suspension intake full exhaust tune short throw shifter and stage 1 clutch and light weight flywheel and wheels and tires handles like its on rails. But still not as quick as it looks or sounds. Turbo is a must to make good power on these cars, thats next on my mod list to be installed.

    1. You are right, Vincent. While performance gains can be made they are never impressive at all without forced induction. The good thing is, these engines were just about built for turbos and handle the extra power with ease.

  2. Thanks very helpful
    I have a 2008 HR with wheels and exhaust upgrades only. Can the HR stock motor handle forced induction without damage?
    What do you recommend over Supercharger or Turbo?

    1. They are quite strong engines David. Both have their benefits and turbo kits were more popular earlier after the engine’s release but in recent years better supercharger kits have hit the market. If it was my personal car I’d probably go for the supercharger. We’ll have some guides on these in the coming months, hopefully they help you!

  3. Great write up!

    I took copious notes and I’m now ready to start my build project.

    Your article is the most comprehensive of than all.

    Well done!

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