A Closer Look at the Best 350z Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are made to support the weight of your vehicle and fit in place of the stock/OEM springs. Lowering springs are different than coilovers in that they work with your existing shock absorbers.

You’re not replacing the entire suspension unit like you would when upgrading to coilovers.

Usually no modification is needed to install aftermarket lowering springs. You simply remove the old OEM 350z spring and replace with the new.

This guide will walk you through some things you need to know about lowering springs before buying them, and show you the best 350z lowering springs on the market.

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The Best 350z Headers: Everything You Need to Know

Nissan 350z Exhaust Headers

If you’re looking to squeeze as much power out of your Nissan 350z, before long you’ll have to upgrade your exhaust headers.

We’ve written about 350z exhaust systems, but those sort of modifications happen at the tail end of the car, where your exhaust gases are the coolest.

Generally speaking, the OEM headers are reliable and of decent quality, but tuners and aftermarket specialists have managed to make alternative designs that will give your VQ35DE or VQ35HR engine more power.

Exhaust headers are where your exhaust gases are the hottest. Getting those gases away from the engine as fast as possible will help your naturally aspirated engine to produce more power.

It’s not the easiest mod you can do to your 350z, but being a bolt-on modification, it’s something that anyone can do with some patience and the right tools.

It is one of the better ways to improve the performance and power of your car.

This guide will go over the differences between exhaust headers and exhaust manifolds. Then we lay out the best 350z headers for people on a budget, and then for people wanting to bring their 350z to the track.

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  1. Thank you for a very helpful article. I’m looking to add headers to my 2004 350Z. There is so much information in favor of as well as against headers that it is hard to know what to believe, but it seems that in spite of the cost the gains are there, even if small.

    My question: you included DC Sports NHC4201 headers in your list, but specify the ceramic version, and I was wondering if your comments are solely for the ceramic version or also applicable to the stainless steel version (NHC4201B).

    Thank you –

    1. Hi Stefan, this is more of a budget question. There’s a lot of marketing around these products where some brands will say that stainless is more likely to crack, while others will say that stainless expands when hot and can give you more horsepower. But we’re talking extremely small gains here!

      Generally, ceramic is the way to go. But if finish is important to you, and you’re like me and want everything “perfect”, check out stainless steel headers.

      Hoping this answers your question!

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The Best 350z Spark Plugs: Recommendation & Specs

Nissan 350z Spark Plug Change

Quality spark plugs are vital for getting the most out of your Nissan 350z.

If you have tired spark plugs, your engine might misfire, your car might have trouble starting up, or it could not start altogether.

That miniature bolt of lightning that a spark plug provides has a huge impact on how your car performs.

Bad spark plugs first begin to show signs of wear when you notice uneven idling, a lack of acceleration, and increased fuel consumption. Spark plugs are so cheap, you really have no excuse not to change them out regularly.

A Nissan 350z spark plug change is a straightforward job. If you’ve changed spark plugs on a car from around 1990 onwards, you’ll find it a quick and easy job.

In this guide, we will show you the best 350z spark plugs available today, by type. At the end, you’ll find our overall recommendations for replacing your 350z’s spark plugs.

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Your Guide to the Best 350z Exhausts

Best Nissan 350z Exhaust System

If you’re looking to replace the exhaust on your Nissan 350z, there are a few things you should consider. First, what is your budget? Second, are you aiming for power gains to your engine, or enhanced sound from the exhaust?

We’ll help you decide what exhaust to replace your stock OEM with, regardless of your budget.

One of the first Nissan 350z mods that owners will do, upgrading your exhaust system will give you a better flow and efficiency of gas and exhaust, and some of them will increase your horsepower and torque.

Aftermarket exhausts are also lighter than the ridiculously heavy stock 350z exhaust system.

This guide will help break down the options into three sections based on your requirements: budget, sound, and performance.

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Best 350z Cold Air Intake for Your Z Car

Best 350z Cold Air Intakes

Looking to increase the power of your Nissan 350z? Installing an aftermarket cold air intake system can be a great place to start.

Despite being a cheap modification, an upgraded 350z air intake will often increase horsepower while also improving fuel economy.

Generally speaking, upgraded cold air intakes don’t cost as much as exhaust modifications. They can however, still add a small bump in horsepower and ft/lb of torque to your car’s performance.

They’re also easier to install than most 350z exhaust systems, and usually don’t require professional assistance, which makes them one of the most affordable mods.

This article will guide you though everything you need to know about intake systems, and help you choose the best cold air intake for your Nissan 350z.

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The Best 350z Clutch Replacements & Upgrades

Guide to the Best 350z Clutch Replacements and Upgrades

A standard 350z clutch is a serious unit. It’s not uncommon for a Nissan 350z owner to make it to over 100,000 miles (over 160,000) on their first clutch.

If you have been driving your 350z on the street, shifting well and not beating on your car,  your clutch pedal should feel light and manageable, perfect for stop/start city driving or long highway runs.

However, if you have taken it to the track or given your Z car hell over the years, you might have felt the clutch either sticking or slipping by now.

Changing to a new clutch can completely transform the way a 350z drives. It can also give you the peace of mind that comes with picking what goes under the hood of your car.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the best clutches for your Nissan 350z, the different models available and the benefits of upgrading your stock clutch.

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Nissan 350z Tow Hooks & Straps for Racing & Street

Benen Nissan 350z Rear Tow Hook

There’s no denying it, tow hooks are “in” right now.

What was once something you kept in your 350z tool kit for emergencies or track days are now seen on Z cars that only ever see the street.

In this article we’ll take a look at the OEM 350z front tow hook and your best aftermarket tow hook and strap options, both using the front tow hook location, and the license plate method.

We’ve also made some recommendations based on whether or not the tow hooks are designed for actual race use, or for style only. Obviously a race tow hook can be used on the street, but we’d be weary of using a tow hook that is designed for looks over function when it comes to relying on it for track days.

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Nissan 350z Buyers Guide: Common Problems, Reliability & Maintenance Costs

Nissan 350z Buyers Guide

The Nissan 350z is responsive, handles well and will make enough noise to put a smile on your friend’s face.

But in the same way, it can be well behaved, ride nicely, and be quiet enough to take your mother to the shops.

It’s a driver’s car, through and through.

In this buyer’s guide we’ll tell you the things you should know before buying a Nissan 350z, such as:

  • the key characteristics of the car,
  • differences between different model names,
  • differences between different model years,
  • common problems,
  • reliability, and
  • maintenance costs.

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    1. I have one for 5 years now. They are so fun to drive. Make sure you get a 2007 or up any model is fine. Be aware the interior will need to be painted or replaced as the paint on the plastic chips easy. You probably wont find a used one with a clean interior anyway. Other than that the body style is beautiful and even better looking then the 370z.

  1. Great Article…. I bought a 2003 350z Touring 6-speed ……. fun car…. I’ve replace both window motors, rear trunk hatch…. lower control arms…. struts and shocks, valve cover gaskets, alternator, battery…. set of Michelin Tires…. all rotors and pads…. transmission fluid and rear differential fluid change! Last item clutch and flywheel changed December 2018……. drove from Raleigh NC to Atlanta GA …… no issues …… it performed without any hiccups….. great car just about completely restored

      1. @Jase The rubber bushings in the lower control arms bust. It is better to just replace the bushing with aftermarket poly (white line, energy) or solid bushings (SPL) if they haven’t worn to the point of damaging the arm itself.

  2. Just purchased a 03 350z seems I’ll be putting in work about to replace the radiator fan due to it not cutting on” car over heats” cooler o ring gasket “oil leak” both front and back camshaft sensors “just because” crankshaft sensor “trouble cranking on” and door regulator. Both front and rear hood struts and hear a noise from tire while turning assuming “bushings” Just replaced front windshield.

  3. I am the original owner of a 2007 350Z Enthusiast with GT Pack. The car has less than 30,000 miles on it and has been garage kept since I first bought it. She’s my baby. One thing that is a problem with her is the interior. Whatever they used to paint the interior had not held up well. It scratches off with a fingernail and the knobs on the dash for the air have gotten sticky as they’ve gotten older despite very little use. Do you happen to know if there was ever a recall? Any idea the best way to remedy this? Thanks for any ideas you can offer.

    1. I have done a couple things to fix the interior paint: (1) in a couple spots I covered it with a stick – on faux carbon fiber… easy to install, inexpensive, and available in small quantity on ebay and Amazon. (2) black spray paint with a clear coat of satin polyurethane spray paint will produce a very durable surface… existing paint must be clean (no need to remove existing paint, but any imperfections remain visible) .

  4. I bought my ’07 350Z Enthusiast about 4 years ago, after my ’03 350Z Enth. was stolen; and when i bought it, it had 142,00 miles on it. it now has 188,000+ miles and im still loving it! Though I just had to replace the front susp. bushings and a sway bar link, ive also had to replace the valve head gasket due to oil leaking into my spark plug well #4. These are great cars still and worth all the effort, never had a car more fun to drive and im lucky to have it as my daily driver.

  5. Daughter just got a 2005 Touring and it is a great car! Even though it has over 200k, it has been well maintained. Our mechanic was extremely happy with its condition. I think this car will quickly become the family favorite.

  6. I’ve owned 2 350z since 2005 and they have been the most reliable cars ever. One was driven to (2005 model) 158,000 kms and the other is at (2006 model) 20,000 kms.

    Both have never experienced any mechanical issues except for expected wear and tear (I always maintain my vehicles regularly). The paint issue for the interior does effect my 2006 model.

    I highly recommend to anyone looking to buy one.

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Best Battery for Nissan 350z: Prices & Specs

Miatas in snow and cold climates

The first Nissan 350z rolled out of the factory over 15 years ago, can you believe it?

And while the Z33 has proven itself to be a very reliable car, it’s not unlikely your battery is on it’s last legs, if this isn’t the second time you’ve had to replace it.

Most mechanics will tell you, a car battery tends to last around 5 years before needing replacement. But for many 350z owners, it’s not something they consider replacing until it dies completely.

For this reason, many Nissan 350z batteries have managed to last over 10 years! You’ve gotta love that Nissan reliability!

The good news is, Nissan 350z battery replacements aren’t particularly expensive, or hard to find.

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Ultimate Guide to Nissan 350z Bash Bars & Drift Armor

Street Faction 350z Bash Bar

So you want a 350z bash bar.

If you’re skidding your Nissan 350z more and more, it’s a fairly easy decision to make – why keep destroying your bumper bars and bending your reinforcement bar every time you take a small hit?

They also give you way more space for things like aftermarket intercoolers (if forced induction is one of your 350z mods), or cold air intakes.

Hose lines for oil coolers can be easily mounted to a bash bar using zip ties in seconds. Doing the same with an OEM front bumper bar can be a frustrating process, especially if you’re regularly removing your front bar.

Done right a bash bar without a factory bumper can look cool too.

In this article we’ll look at what a bash bar is, why you might want one for your Nissan 350z, and the different types available for both the front and rear of your car.

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