Best Miata Supercharger Kits: Everything You Need to Know

If you want to get more power out of your zippy, Mazda Miata, your best bet is to install some form of forced induction; either a supercharger or turbocharger.

Between the two, we prefer superchargers, and we’ll go into the details below.

Superchargers are connected to the engine’s crankshaft, whose spinning motion in turn powers the supercharger. They can add serious horsepower.

Below you’ll find some intro information on the topic of forced induction, and our experiences on the topic.  We outline your different options and will point you in the right direction for the best MX5 supercharger kit to suit your needs.

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  1. Rotrex superchargers are basically belt driven turbochargers -since they are not positive displacement pumps, their output is NOT linear. They make most of their boost at higher rpms. For track work where you’re always going to have the revs up, they’re great. If you’re going to keep it on the street, though, the Eaton/Magnuson systems build boost sooner and make more low end torque. It’s all about the intended use.

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Miata Seats

ND Miata with Recaro bucket seats intalled

The Mazda Miata, especially later generations (NC and beyond) is not known for its comfortable seats. In fact, the tough, unsupportive OEM seats can be enough to turn some drivers off from buying.

But the industry is rich with aftermarket seats that provide more support, comfort and will last longer. Companies like Recaro, Corbeau, and Sparco have spent years perfecting the best seats for Miata use.

Below we’ll talk about which seats are best for your particular MX5, and which seats are compatible with each generation. After that we’ll run you through the seats we like the most.

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In Search of the Best Miata Roll Bar

Best Miata Roll Bars

There are plenty of options for roll bars for your Mazda MX5 Miata. Aftermarket parts manufacturers produce roll bars for each generation of the car.

Some of the biggest names in the business are Blackbird Fabworx, Hard Dog, OBX Racing Sports and Cusco.

A roll bar is an unsung hero of track-modded Miatas. Here we have our picks, broken down by MX5 generation. We’ll help you choose the best roll bar for your specific model.

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  1. Can you tell me I am looking at a Cusco roll bar for my nb soft top with glass rear window . Will it fit low enough under the roof and a big question does it still allow seat movement and recline a bit . I am not about to race the car as I own a muscle car I just want to stiffen it up and add protection, and know it will actually fit thanks for any advice appreciate it the car was my sons that passed away it’s really just a tribute to him and keep sake cheers Shaun.

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Best Miata Exhausts: From Cheap to Complete

Best Miata Exhaust Systems

Way more than an afterthought, your Miata’s exhaust system is an integral part of your roadster’s character. It has an important effect on performance and efficiency, but the exhaust system is also your car’s voice.

The Mazda Miata is an amazing machine — flexible enough to handle a winding mountain highway, a hot track in August, or the daycare dropoff run on a Tuesday. (Admittedly, not a common use for a two-seater.)

Its stock components are workhorses that have, in many cases, outlasted their expected usefulness. But when the designers realised they had such a potentially popular and versatile roadster, they had to make compromises.

Everyone wasn’t going to want their MX5 to roll off the lot with that throaty, sporty rumble you want. So, they tamed it. The OEM exhaust is good, but there are plenty of aftermarket Miata exhaust systems that are great.

As far as we’re concerned, the exhaust systems in this article are the best on the market.

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Best Miata Clutch: For Street & Sport Use

Best Miata Clutch for Street & Sport Use

Smooth shifting was always going to be a key component of an enjoyable Miata experience. From the get-go, a five-speed manual transmission was the standard option — and is now easily the most popular option with enthusiasts than the four-speed automatic.

Miatas do different things for different people — from stealing first place on your club’s track day to bringing style to date night. The clutch is one of those components that is closely connected to the driver and swapping the stock out for aftermarket clutch can dramatically change the driving experience.

The path from OEM (and other cheap Miata clutch options) isn’t necessarily a straight line where price and quality move up in tandem. We’ve set out this guide to show you the best Miata clutch options.

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The Best Replacement Battery for Your Miata

Now that the earliest Mazda Miatas are about to turn 30, owners are likely to have swapped out their battery a couple of times.

Advances in technology mean that high-quality battery replacements are much cheaper now than they were when the Miata first hit the streets.

If you’ve put the cash into a later generation Miata, dependability is probably more of a concern than an NA or NB weekend-only car. So we’ve included a few premium options that will fit under the Miata NC or ND’s hood.

As far as components go, batteries are more straightforward than sexy, but they are essential (obviously) and good ones not only allow for a reliable start in cold weather, they unlock the potential for flashier upgrades.

Below you’ll find the best replacement batteries for your Mazda Miata.

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  1. I have an NA Miata. With the battery in the trunk, I’d like a battery with vents (like OEM) to attach the existing vent tubes. Like the wet cell/AGM difference, this is one that gets debated in online forums. None of your reviews state whether the batteries are vented. Thanks for the useful information, I’ll continue researching to find out the vent tube specs.

  2. Optima now made in Mexico … since 2008 thanks to Johnson Controls closing the American plant, According to independent garages that sell them quality has gone down hill..

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Complete Guide to the Best Miata Brake Pads

Best Miata Brake Pads

It’s simple, brake pads wear out. Unlike other components that you may never need to think about, you replace your pads often enough to want to make the right choice.

There are also plenty of reasons, beyond just practicality, to look into new pads.

  • Maybe you’re sick of the ridiculously dusty brake pads the previous owner put in your Miata.
  • Maybe you find yourself at the track a lot and want brake pads that won’t glaze over.
  • Maybe autocross brake pads with maximum bite are your priority.
  • Or maybe you just want the thrill of going from 60 to 0 in the shortest possible distance.

Realistically, the more you do by way of Miata performance upgrades, the more effort you’ll need to put into your braking system.

You can have the stickiest tires, lightweight aftermarket rims and coilovers and all of the power in the world, but with a neglected braking system you’ll lose precious seconds on the track and may even be a danger to yourself on the street.

Whatever the reason for changing your Miata’s pads, in this guide we’ll look at the best Miata brake pads on the market.

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Guide to Finding the Best Miata Coilovers for Your Needs

Mazda Miata Lowered on Coilovers

Zippy power in a small package is the Mazda Miata promise. Nearly three decades as a bestseller means that there are a lot of MX5s out there trying to fulfill this sales pitch.

Some Miata owners were happy enough with the stock setup and left it as is. But for the rest of us, modding our Miata can border on obsession and coilovers are a popular mod option.

For most people, a two-seat sports car can only fulfill the daily-driver role for a short stretch of their life, so Miatas get bumped to weekend car status. They also appear frequently in the secondhand market and are picked up by those looking for a starter track or drift day car.

For all of these activities, handling is a key element. Once you get past the debate about coilovers vs. lowering springs we expect you’re onboard with the idea that coilovers are the best-bang-for-your-buck route to a smoother driving Miata.

From value plays to street options to track performers, in this article you’ll find the best coilovers for your MX5.

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