G35 Headers: The Best Aftermarket Options for Your Infiniti

The Best G35 Headers: Aftermarket Options for Your Infiniti

Headers are the first thing your exhaust gas touches when it leaves the engine. Their main purpose is to collect and release exhaust gases as quickly as possible.

The reason why aftermarket headers are popular is that they’re significantly lighter and wider than the stock ones. This means they also generate more power and make your G35 sound better.

Most G35 owners get performance headers as their last upgrade; like icing on a cake. It’s the best way to complete your naturally aspirated G35 build.

In this guide, we’ll throw some light on the different types of exhaust headers you can buy, and also recommend the best options for your Infiniti G35.

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G35 Y Pipe Guide: The Best Pipe for Your Coupe or Sedan

G35 Y Pipe Guide: The Best Pipe for Your Coupe or Sedan

Exhaust; the last stroke of every four-stroke engine. It’s usually the first thing that Infiniti G35 enthusiasts like yourself start tinkering around with.

And why wouldn’t you? Modifying exhausts is cheap, makes your car sound nice and gives you a decent power gain. Not to mention the improved airflow.

However, modifying your exhaust system the right way requires some research and a few pointers in the right direction. That’s what you’ll find in this article.

Aftermarket y-pipes are a must-have for your Infiniti G35. In this guide, we’ll explain what y-pipes do and which ones to get for your Infiniti G35.

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Best Miata Exhausts: From Cheap to Complete

Best Miata Exhaust Systems

Way more than an afterthought, your Miata’s exhaust system is an integral part of your roadster’s character. It has an important effect on performance and efficiency, but the exhaust system is also your car’s voice.

The Mazda Miata is an amazing machine — flexible enough to handle a winding mountain highway, a hot track in August, or the daycare dropoff run on a Tuesday. (Admittedly, not a common use for a two-seater.)

Its stock components are workhorses that have, in many cases, outlasted their expected usefulness. But when the designers realised they had such a potentially popular and versatile roadster, they had to make compromises.

Everyone wasn’t going to want their MX5 to roll off the lot with that throaty, sporty rumble you want. So, they tamed it. The OEM exhaust is good, but there are plenty of aftermarket Miata exhaust systems that are great.

As far as we’re concerned, the exhaust systems in this article are the best on the market.

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Best Exhaust for Your G35: Coupe or Sedan

Best Exhaust for G35 Sedan

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I replace my G35’s exhaust system?”

Well, quality exhausts for Infiniti G35 coupes and sedans will increase horsepower, torque, and overall performance from your car. They also make your car sound better.

Sometimes because of better flow of exhaust gases, an aftermarket exhaust can even increase MPG. Of course, this assumes you don’t spend more time with your foot on the gas pedal after you get addicted to hearing your better sounding exhaust.

Exhaust system modifications are one of the most popular G35 mods. This is no surprise as the Infiniti G35 (also sold under the Nissan brand in some countries) is such a popular car with enthusiasts like yourself.

This easy-to-read guide will walk through the best exhausts for your G35, with a break down of exhausts into 3 different price categories.

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