The Best Replacement Battery for Your Miata

Now that the earliest Mazda Miatas are about to turn 30, owners are likely to have swapped out their battery a couple of times.

Advances in technology mean that high-quality battery replacements are much cheaper now than they were when the Miata first hit the streets.

If you’ve put the cash into a later generation Miata, dependability is probably more of a concern than an NA or NB weekend-only car. So we’ve included a few premium options that will fit under the Miata NC or ND’s hood.

As far as components go, batteries are more straightforward than sexy, but they are essential (obviously) and good ones not only allow for a reliable start in cold weather, they unlock the potential for flashier upgrades.

Below you’ll find the best replacement batteries for your Mazda Miata.

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  1. I have an NA Miata. With the battery in the trunk, I’d like a battery with vents (like OEM) to attach the existing vent tubes. Like the wet cell/AGM difference, this is one that gets debated in online forums. None of your reviews state whether the batteries are vented. Thanks for the useful information, I’ll continue researching to find out the vent tube specs.

  2. Optima now made in Mexico … since 2008 thanks to Johnson Controls closing the American plant, According to independent garages that sell them quality has gone down hill..

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Best Battery for Nissan 350z: Prices & Specs

Miatas in snow and cold climates

The first Nissan 350z rolled out of the factory over 15 years ago, can you believe it?

And while the Z33 has proven itself to be a very reliable car, it’s not unlikely your battery is on it’s last legs, if this isn’t the second time you’ve had to replace it.

Most mechanics will tell you, a car battery tends to last around 5 years before needing replacement. But for many 350z owners, it’s not something they consider replacing until it dies completely.

For this reason, many Nissan 350z batteries have managed to last over 10 years! You’ve gotta love that Nissan reliability!

The good news is, Nissan 350z battery replacements aren’t particularly expensive, or hard to find.

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